Nashville Cast  When You Open Your Eyes (feat. Sam Palladio & Clare Bowen)

"Oh, no," I whisper as I catch sight of the hospital. What used to be the hospital. I move past the wounded, past the burning plane wrecks, fixated on the disaster ahead of me. People screaming, running about frantically, but unable to help. The bombs have collapsed the hospital roof and set the building on fire, effectively trapping the patients within. A group of rescuers has assembled, trying to clear a path to the inside. But I already know what they will find. If the crushing debris and the flames didn’t get them, the smoke did.

We’re the diamonds, rising up out the dust (listen)

And I’ll bet what you hated the most was that they identified me as a co-founder of Facebook, which I am. You better lawyer up asshole, because I’m not coming back for 30%, I’m coming back for everything.

Grant Gustin: One more thank you and a reminder about tonight! New episode of The Flash!


Mockingjay Part 1 - TV Spot #3 - “Most Anticipated”

"People don’t need wings to survive.”
-“Mockingjays do.”