Time to choose, Oliver.

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You deserve someone better. Someone who can harness that l i g h t that’s still inside of you.

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Bitecon (April 2014)
Tyler Posey and Keahu Kahuanui during the It’s Armani  Panel

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mrronwear On the set of the TV pilot ‘The Flash’ on the CW network with fellow actor Grant Gustin.

mrronwear On the set of the TV pilot ‘The Flash’ on the CW network with fellow actor Grant Gustin.

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Anonymous said,
I love the idea of Stiles calling Derek baby and Derek pretending to be all grumpy about it but secretly he really loves it!



i like thinking about Derek pretending his ears didn’t prick up the moment Stiles parked the Jeep in their spot in the apartment parking lot. like he isn’t listening to him on the stairs and feeling bright and excited that Stiles is home. i like imagining Stiles always grinning when he comes in the door and sees Derek poised for his entrance, and make a crack about Derek’s metaphorical tail wagging. Derek scowling and blustering like “no, i was just preparing myself for the onslaught of noise” and not meaning it at all because he gets this little running commentary stilesiscomingstilesiscomingstilesishome as the door opens. 

Stiles’ number is saved in his phone as home. Derek relishes the fact he has a home, and even when they move to a house, with a land line, Stiles stays stored in his contacts as home. and Stiles steals his phone all the time and updates his contact pictures, not just Stiles’, but Scott’s to one of Scott asleep upside down on the couch, Allison eating pie and glaring at anyone daring to get close, Isaac in the scarf section in Macy’s and his face DEEPLY EXCITED. so Derek never knows what picture’s going to show up when people call, and he gets to roll his eyes fondly when anyone sees the picture, smile goofily and say “my family” as he waves his phone around. 

or when he pretends he doesn’t appreciate Stiles draping himself all over Derek in the evenings. or steals pieces of chicken or pepper whilst Derek’s preparing food. or when Stiles forgets himself and calls Derek baby in front of people, and Derek’s ears are burning the whole time but he still feels warm inside because yes, he is! he’s someone’s person. someone needs him and wants him as much as he needs and wants them. 

and it’s just nice. to have a life. even if Stiles constantly sticks his cold feet under Derek’s legs and makes him hiss, and never lets Derek watch a movie in the dark without needing some sort of laptop or ipad screen on (he can’t do two things at once, most often his alternative is to casually grope Derek throughout the movie, Derek still can’t tell you what happens at the end of half the movies they’ve watched, just nods and hums when the pack get into discussion about them). 

I know just the place down in Greenwich Village. Trust me Rachel, they’re gonna love you there.

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