“Grant Gustin is my neighbor and brother and we had tons of fun.”

— Colton Haynes (Random Comic Con Moments) (x)



“Full on dance partied with my Teen Wolfies and hugged them all for a solid few hrs. They kept dragging me out of bed to party and i even ran across a bridge to get to them and then got no credit at all for doing so…then went on this whole speech about how things are harder when ur 26 and that I’ve basically lost my swag…they just shook their heads/rolled their eyes.”

- Colton Haynes’ post about Random Comic-Con moments [x]

"Well I’m terrified and I’m not even on the list." 

Q: “If you were a cat, what color cat would you be?”


Stephen Amell -Comic-Con Panel at Nerd HQ, 2014 (x)

Anonymous asked: Your video!!!!!!! Just I can't woah!!!! Seriously though how are you so freaking awesome and talented?! It is awesome and you are amazing :D

wow, thank you!!

Comic-Con 2014: Grant Gustin on Being ‘The Flash’